Input a list of comma-separated IPA features. Some or all of the features can be preceded by a ‘-’ symbol. A list of inventories having segments exhibiting all the features without ‘-’ and lacking all the features with ‘-’ will be returned. Features can be simple (‘plosive’, ‘glottalised’, 'triphthong') or composite (‘voiceless fricative’, ‘retroflex tap’). An example search: ‘voiced lateral fricative, -lateral affricate’.
The following features are supported: advanced, advanced-tongue-root, affricate, affricated, alveolar, alveolo-palatal, apical, approximant, aspirated, back, bilabial, breathy-voiced, central, centralised, close, close-mid, creaky-voiced, dental, diphthong, epiglottal, faucalised, fricative, front, glottal, glottalised, half-long, hissing-hushing, implosive, labial-palatal, labial-velar, labialised, labiodental, lateral, lateral-released, less-rounded, long, lowered, mid, mid-centralised, more-rounded, nasal, nasalised, near-back, near-close, near-front, near-open, non-syllabic, open, open-mid, palatal, palatal-velar, palatalised, pharyngeal, pharyngealised, plosive, postalveolar, pre-aspirated, pre-glottalised, pre-labialised, pre-nasalised, raised, retracted, retracted-tongue-root, retroflex, rhotic, rounded, syllabic, tap, trill, triphthong, ultra-short, unreleased, unrounded, uvular, velar, velarised, voiced, voiceless, weakly-articulated.